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Flat Roofing


With interest in home renovation and new extensions on the rise, many of us are choosing to update our properties from the top down. One area of your property that you should consider when planning updates to your building, or even if you’ve noticed issues with your current structure, is your roof. If you’re planning small or large-scale roofing development, then contact us at CGL Roofing for our expert advice and trusted recommendations. From planning and quotationsto supply, installation and maintenance, we can provide you with our complete end-to-end flat roofing service and aim to guarantee your complete satisfaction every time you come to us.

High Quality Flat Roofing Services

A flat roof is a type of roof that is completelyor mostlylevel, with a slight angle to ensure that rainwater can run off successfully.At CGL Roofing, we offer a wide range of high quality flat roofing services across a 50-mile radius including Luton, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and Greater London and travel nationwide for larger requirements and jobs. We also have regular contracts with established commercial roofing clients such as Tenpin Bowling and McDonalds, as well as regular residential and domestic clients.

Our team are fully qualified in the installation of Sarnafil, FLAG and firestone membranes. We have achieved great success in installing single-ply membrane roofs and can instal flat roofing for small projects, such as a 1m x 1m outhouse or larger scale installations such as a 5,000 square metre flat roof.

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flat roofing

Benefits Of Flat Roofing

With our many years’ experience in the construction industry, we can say with certainty that flat roofing is one of the top roofing types on the market. For a number of reasons, flat roofing is a smart solution for construction companies, local authorities and private individuals alike.

Easy to maintain – Flat roofs are mostly flat and only have a slight pitch, meaning that they are much more accessible than other types of roof. This accessibility means that they are easy to maintain and are unlikely to need costly repairs in the future.

Versatile space – Flat roofing can add an extra dimension to the function of your property. Commercial properties, for example, use the extra flat space to install solar panels, whilst those conscious of their impact on the environment can choose to have their flat roofing made from recyclable materials.

flat roofing

Durable – Flat roofing is highly durable and is proven to withstand the impact of the elements and general wear and tear. It is designed to hold water and will not get broken down by UV rays making an ideal choice for a long-term choice for your flat roof.

Energy efficient – By using thermally efficient installation materials and techniques, flat roofing can prevent heat from escaping through your roof and can reduce the amount of energy that you use to alter the temperature of your building.

15 year guarantee – Our flat roofing comes with a 15-year guarantee or there Is an optional 20-year guarantee. For flat roofing, we wouldn’t recommend anything else other than single-ply membrane or felt as we have found ourselves often replacing old roofs which have either been recently coated or had the grp fibreglass installed.

Why Choose Us?

Family run business
We are a family run business, which means that we are confident in providing you with high quality and efficient guttering services and solutions that have been perfected over a lifetime.

Highly skilled team
At CGL we believe in keeping up-to-date with the newest techniques and tools available to the roofing industry. Our teams undertake courses to further their knowledge and expertise to guarantee that the service you receive from us is second-to-none.

Wide range of services
At CGL we believe in keeping up-to-date with the newest techniques and tools available to the roofing industry. Our teams undertake courses to further their knowledge and expertise to guarantee that the service you receive from us is second-to-none.

Free no-obligation quotes
We offer free, no-obligation quotations on any of our services so that we can discuss your requirements and provide you with recommendations that you can trust.

Competitive pricing
We focus on what we’re good at and we work tirelessly to provide a professional and quality service that is underpinned by competitive pricing.

15 year guarantee
Our work comes with an up to 15 year guarantee, showing that we believe in the quality and longevity of our roofing and guttering services.

Insurance, Protection and Liability Guarantee
All work that we undertake is fully insured for up to £5 million, so you can contact us with the confidence that you are protected.

With the experience and expertise of CGL Roofing, you can rest assured that you will receive professional and efficient gutter lining solutions, quality workmanship and complete customer satisfaction, every time you require our services. Our products are expertly fitted by our experienced team of fully trained installers and are fully guaranteed, so you can be confident that we have taken care of everything.


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